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Revent VC100W Vacuum Cooler

Revent VC100W Vacuum Cooler

Model #VC100W By Revent

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Some people become teachers, artists or football players. Possibly even prima ballerinas. We fell for baking, and since 1958 we invent functional products that that help bakers get ahead. Today, we’re the no 1 rack oven producer with representatives all over the world – offering our baking technologies to bread lovers everywhere. Such as the innovative Revent Vacuum Cooler. The best way to cool bread.

Freezing bread may not always be the best solution. And letting it cool by itself takes forever. So we went back to the earlier idea of vacuum cooling and developed it further. Today the Revent Vacuum Cooler has become the most efficient way to cool bread, enhance it’s quality and shelf life – achieving a better total cost of ownership. With vacuum cooling your bread can be baked in less time, as the baking process continues during the cooling. In plain English, what before could take over an hour in total baking and cooling, can today be done in less than 15 minutes depending on products. Also, the Revent Vacuum Cooler caters to all bread types. All bread is different and need separate heating and cooling curves. The result is higher quality with more aroma, which takes less time to bake, less energy and floor space, less waste and less handling and ingredients than ever before. All in all - A better product along with a better total cost of ownership.

  • Due to the unique capabilites of the Revent Vacuum Cooler you’re able to reduce the amount of preservatives added. Also, the vacuum cooler distributes aromas more evenly through the bread, resulting in a more pleasant overall taste experience. Put a hazle nut in a muffin, and the whole muffin will taste of hazle nut. And why not try gluten free products. You’ll be amazed.
  • As the bread is allowed to finish baking during the vacuum cooling process, the total baking time is reduced with up to 30%. The actual cooling only takes a couple of minutes. Hence the baking and cooling time can be reduced to less than 15 minutes depending on products. This results in energy savings as well as less man hours needed. Also, you’ll need less floor space due to fewer racks in the bakery.
  • Compare a vacuum cooled product with a traditional one and you’ll see a clear difference in overall quality in crust, volume and structure. Taste and aroma are enhanced as is the shelf life.
  • The bread’s better structure and crust also enables easier slicing and packaging. Other positive effects are that you can reduce the amount of packaging material along with fewer transports due to a better shelf life.
Doors Front
Trolley capacity 1
Pump connection requirements 11 kW, 400V/50Hz, 3 phase, 27A
Cooling unit connection requirements 15.4 kW, 400V/50 Hz, 3 phase, 40A
Suitable to oven 724/725/726
Max Load 100 kg
Max usable space 820x1000 mm
Total weight 2660 kg

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