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***About Us

  "Our customers entrust us with two of their most precious assets, their time and their money, and its our job to help them gain in both" - CEO

Our Motto is short, simple, and sweet. It sums up who we are and what we do. it's the hidden driving power behind our company. It's our main focus and it's what we work hard at. Here's how we do it:


our product selection
We carry popular products and brands that are known to be reliable and will help serve our customers for years to come. Many of our products are certified by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), ETL ( Edison Testing Laboratories), Energy Star, UL (Underwriter laboratories), and more. Most of our products come with warranties and in many cases we also offer extended warranties. Our product selection is also very wide allowing us the flexibility to pin point our customers needs and find specific products that fulfills those needs in the best possible way.


our processing
We focus on getting your products "out the door" as soon as your order comes in. We know that in business time is money and that every day is very valuable to you. With the help of our extremely organized staff, once an order comes in we do everything we can to get the order ready to ship and be picked up by the shipping carrier. We work with top reputable shipping carries to make sure the your order is picked up on time and delivered on time.


Our technology
We work hard building technology.. building, and building, and more building. From being able to offer updated information to constantly renovating our website to be more contemporary and user friendly, we believe that the right technology aids our customers in having an excellent online shopping experience. We try to provide big and quality pictures, product documentation, product specifications, product options, etc. We not only want your experience in shopping online to be comparable to a physical store, but we want it to be better! 


Low prices
We work hard to ensure prices that are as low as possible. From shipping directly from our manufactures to save you on shipping costs, to offering a price match guarantee, we try to do everything we can to be able to save and pass those savings onto you. We offer free shipping and no tax on the majority of products in our store, we help our customers complete their projects within their budgets, etc.


our customer serviceWhen you call a company and speak to customer service, the worst thing that can happen is you can get the wrong information which can cause you to make wrong decisions, costing you a lot of money. Our staff is professionally trained to be able to answer all of your product questions, and if we don't know something we are not scared to say "I don't know". We are authorized retailers for all of the products we carry, thus we have direct relationships with the manufacturers and we speak to them on a daily basis regarding things from technical specifications to warranties, etc. So if we don't know something, we have all of the resources at our fingertips to get you the answers that you need. We believe its always better to work a little harder, make a couple of more calls, and make sure our customer gets the right information to make the right decisions. This saves customers time from returning their products and having to purchase something else, and of course this saves money in the long run.


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