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Pratica Copa Express Speed Oven

Pratica Copa Express Speed Oven

Model #Copa By Pratica
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Pratica Copa Express Speed Oven


The Copa Express speed oven is indicated to finishing fresh, chilled or frozen food, with excellent taste, visual and crispness results. The impinged air convection technology combined with microwave enables cooking food up to ten times faster than traditional processes.

The most compact speed oven with the largest capacity on the market. Its compact structure allows it to occupy less area in the workbench. The Copa Express is the only one in the category that accepts GN's 1/2 (325mm x 265mm).

Advantages of Our High-Speed Ovens

With countless uses, high-speed ovens present several advantages to their user. Whether you want to add hot food items to your café menu, or want more even bakes and browning, rapid cook ovens may hold your answer.

Shorter cook times

Speed Ovens can reduce standard cooking times in a regular convection oven up to 10 times the normal cook time. This is because Speed ovens are able to combine three different heat sources; microwave, infra-red, and high speed impinged hot air. Microwave works to warm the food from within, while the other two heat sources work from the outside in. For busy cafés and restaurants, decreasing time to prepare food with a high-speed oven is a huge benefit.

Better at browning

A Standard microwave cannot brown or toast food, it’s sole purpose is to warm up the food. However, in a speed oven, the impinged air is used to give you the texture and browning that your food needs. With air travelling at 60 mph inside the cavity, at over 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it is guaranteed that you will get the desired result. In a speed oven you can get sandwiches with toasted bread, melted cheese, and fresh vegetables, warm and ready to be enjoyed by your customers.


The last advantage of our high-speed ovens includes their ventless, portable design. To serve food you don’t need to spend money on an expensive hood and build a commercial kitchen. You can make sure your customers always have something warm and tasty to go along with their beverage of choice. Simply add an oven to your countertop, and you can have hot meals and snacks in less than two minutes ready to be served.

Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Ventless Speed Oven

Adding high-speed ovens to your equipment list is a must. Rapid cook ovens provide a way to prepare high-quality dishes in 10 times faster than in a conventional or convection oven.

Commercial kitchen speed ovens, such as the models available at Pratica, combine several heating methods into a compact countertop tool. Through impinged hot air, combined with microwave, and infra-red heating methods, high-speed ovens for fast service restaurants are small powerhouses. They increase your kitchen’s ability to achieve evenly cooked dishes with crisp, perfectly browned exteriors.

One of the greatest rapid cook oven advantages for commercial kitchens and restaurants is the cooking versatility. Countertop high-speed ovens offer a broad range of applications. From cooking frozen appetizers to baking fresh dough pizzas within minutes, your options are endless.

Cook Time Examples from Our Commercial Kitchen Speed Ovens

  • Breakfast sandwich: 45 seconds
  • Flatbread pizza: 60 seconds
  • French fries: 1 minute 15 seconds
  • Salmon fillet: 3 minutes 20 seconds

What is a Speed Oven?

High-speed ovens combine multiple cooking methods into one, powerful appliance. Although the technology and combination of heating methods differ depending on individual oven engineering, adding a speed oven to your fast-paced food service establishment can increase service speed without sacrificing on quality. Along with our three sources of heat, one of the main advantages of a speed oven is that they are ventless. This means that now you can offer food products without the need of a expensive hood or full commercial kitchen! Along with this you get better results than just simply using a microwave!

At Pratica, we’ve designed our ovens with three heating methods including microwave, impinged hot air, and infra-red heating. Learn more about each heating method below.

What is a high-speed oven’s heating method?

  • Microwave: In general, most high-speed ovens include some form of microwave heating. Microwaves are designed to warm-up the inside of the food. Microwaves work by causing vibration in water molecules, this vibration and friction at a molecular level is what causes the food to quickly warm up from within.
  • Impingement: New to high-speed oven technology, impingement heating is an advanced—yet simple—process to reduce cooking time. This method fires hot puffs of air at 60 mph directly on top of cooking products, so impingement can create a browning or even melting effect on pizza, lasagna, and other dishes.
  • Infra-red: This heating process is applied to provide the high-quality browning results in the bottom of the food.

Included Accessories

  • Paddle, Aluminum Pan, USB flash drive
  • Easy to install, use and clean
  • Ventless operation: Tested and passed EPA202, allowing them to be certified as non-grease emitting appliances
  • Easy access and removable catalytic converter.
  • This design allows cleaning and maintenance to be performed by the end user
  • Infrared bottom heating element with independent temperature control
  • Easy access and removal of the electrical compartment air filter
  • Includes a daily cleaning function that cools the oven to safe temperatures and then prompts the end user through the recommended cleaning step
  • Up to 1024 recipes, with 8 steps each, divided by 16 groups.
  • USB port to upload/download recipes.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Adjustable temperature from 86F (30C) to 530F (276C). 
  • User friendly Interface. 
  • Cool to the touch exterior.
  • Independently controlled of air speed, microwave and infrared. 
  • Constructed from AISI430 (exterior) and AISI304 (interior)
  • stainless steel.
  • Ventless system with easy removable catalytic filter.
  • Allows the use of metal pans.
  • Manual mode for on-the-fly cooking. 
  • Warranty – 1 year parts and labor.
Voltage 208/240 VAC
Frequency 60 Hz
Current 27 Amp
Max. Input 6.2/7.2 kW
Phases Single
Power (kW) 5.7/6.4 kW
Circuit 30
Consum. (kWh) 4
Cable 3x10AWG
Plug NEMA 6-30
External Height 27.25"
External Width 16"
External Depth 26.75"
External Weight 174 lb
Cook Chamber Height 5.5"
Cook Chamber Width 15.5"
Cook Chamber Depth 14.5"
Cook Chamber Volume 0.61 cu ft
>CE Certified CE Certified

The CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

Intertek ETL Listed US & Canada Intertek ETL Listed US & Canada

The ETL Mark is proof of product compliance to North American and Canadian safety standards. Authorities Having Jurisdiction(AHJs) and code officials across the US and Canada accept the ETL Listed Mark as proof of product compliance to published industry standards. Retail buyers accept it on products they're sourcing. And every day, more and more consumers recognize it on products they purchase as a symbol of safety.

ETL Sanitation Listed Intertek ETL Sanitation Listed

The ETL Sanitation Mark indicates that the manufacturer's production site conforms to a range of compliance measures and is subject to a periodic regimen of follow-up inspections to verify continued conformance. An ETL Sanitation Mark on Food Service Equipment indicates that equipment is fit for use in the production of food intended for human consumption, or the equipment is fit for use in an environment where food intended for human consumption is produced.

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