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Omcan BL-BR-0015 15-L , 16-QT Tilting Blender, item 37969

Omcan BL-BR-0015 15-L , 16-QT Tilting Blender, item 37969

Model #37969 By omcan
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The Omcan Model 37969 Tilting Blender

The Omcan tilting blender is equipped with a stainless steel container, knives and plastic cover. Supported by a steel frame and anti-skid pads, the machine is excellent for small to medium sized kitchens. Why you should have a Seamless Cup Blender in your kitchen! A seamless cup blender can bring a world of advantages to different types of business. Easy to use, to clean and efficient, this machine can be used in bakeries, restaurants, snack bars, hospital kitchens, hotels and supermarkets. Learn more about what a seamless cup blender is and what advantages it can bring to your business. Seamless Cup Blender, what it is? The concept was to develop a robust and resistant stainless steel blender cup that did not present any type of welding, junction point or amendment in its construction. This innovative cup is manufactured from a stainless steel disc, which is pulled up to the shape of a cup by a special machine. This machine also creates the ribs in the cup, without any need for welding or amendments, right after that, the cup s brushed for the perfect finishing. This cup was developed to be used in its line of Commercial Blenders (also called Low Rotation Blenders). The 15 liters and 25 liters are floor standing individual machines. This kind of blender acts as a kitchen helper, and are used in a diverse universe of business, such as restaurants, school kitchens, hotel kitchens, ice cream manufacturers kitchens, commercial kitchens, military camps kitchens, bakery kitchens and hospital kitchens. Why the seamless cup blenders are an essential tool in these types of kitchens? The answer is simple: They can help these kitchens to prepare recipes in large portions, heavier recipes that need more preparation time and are more consistent, such as creams, sauces, soups, pastes, ice creams and some dough (recipes where the domestic and high-speed blenders are not indicated). The project for this blender was developed to grant the perfect combination between the cup’s geometry, the knives angle, the motor’s speed and power, it allows the creation of powerful water vortex that will pull all the ingredients towards the knives, processing them homogeneously. Advantages of a Seamless Cup Blender? The design and technology of the Seamless Cup Blenders make them one of the most efficient tools of food blending available in the market. Not only this grants the best end result to the users, as it also cuts the preparation time, saving time and money in the kitchen while increasing productivity. A key part of the Seamless Cup Blenders line success, is that they can adjust to all types of business and demands, from small to large, and the performance is the same in all the different capacities. Add a traditional high quality in manufacturing and you have a product that really stands apart from the similar in the market. The “V” shaped cup allows that ingredients be processed equally, be it in small or large quantities. It means that even if you buy the biggest capacity model, you will be able to prepare small recipes in it. The seamless cups also allow the preparation of different types of food, once that they do not retain smells nor flavors. Another advantage is that they are able to prepare hot and cold recipes. Because the seamless cups do not have any kind of welding, amendment or junction points, they do not accumulate residues, this makes this type of cup much more hygienic and easy to clean, perfect for business that need to prepare and serve,sell food. Due to the impact of the covid-19 in daily life, the hygiene factor has been much more sought out, and, even inspected in all food related business.


1 year parts and labor
Power 1.5 hp / 1.12 kw
Cup capacity 15 l/16 qt
Rotation 3500
Electrical 110v/60hz/1
Dimensions (dwh) 20.75” x 14.25” x 41.75”
Weight 41.75 lbs.
Country of origin Brazil
Gross weight 80 lbs
Gross dimensions 24 x 40 x 49 in
>CE Certified CE Certified

The CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

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