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Primo PSM-40E Spiral Mixer

Primo PSM-40E Spiral Mixer

Model #PSM-40E By Primo
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The Primo PSM-40E Spiral Mixer

This machine is used for mixing dough only. It uses a manual and automatic control system. The PSM-40E has two speed controls, is easy to operate, safe and convenient. As the dough absorbs the water the machine will increase in temperature slowly. This machine is ideal for hotels, bakeries and food-machining factory.

  • Single motor 2 Speeds
  • Three phase
  • 4/5 bag flour
  • Ship weight: 265 kg

Touch-panel Controls

Put the ingredients into the bowl. Note: The bowl has to be filled to 55% capacity.

Automatic Controls

Switch on the power supply and set the mixer to either low (will run for 3-4 minutes) or high speed (will run for 7-8 minutes). Then put the “manual/automatic switch” into the automatic state (The “AUTO” light will become lit on the panel). After this is complete, press the “ON” button to turn the machine on.

Manual Control

Switch on the power supply, press the “manual/automatic switch” to the manual state (the “manual” light becomes light on the panel). Press the “quick/slow switch” to run machine at low speed, and press the “ON” switch to start mixing at low speed. To finish mixing the batter press the “quick” switch.

If you had turned on the face guard during mixing, then the machine will have stopped rotating. In this case, press the “INCH” switch to have the machine operational and allow for the dough to be taken out. Take out dough after mixing, do not let dough sit in mixer for an extended period of time.

Manual-Switch Control

The machine has a manual switch on the left side, “1” is for the slow speed, “2” is for the quick speed and press the button beside the switch. When the machine is in manual operation, the power supply of the panel has to be turned off. If you want to use it again, switch on the power supply switch. The switch can be changed while machine is mixing.

The machine has a slow or quick reverse function, and can be used in blending the materials. When taking out the dough, the reversing function can’t be used.

At any time if this happens by accident, press “Emergency Button” to stop the machine quickly to prevent any damage.


  • The mixer must be properly connected to a grounded electrical connection.
  • Don’t operate the mixer beyond the required capacity. When the capacity of water is below 55%, reduce the flour.
  • If using ice, batch size must be reduced.
  • Do not put your hand into the bowl when operating the mixer.
  • Do not wear any loose clothing, or jewelry when operating the machine as it may get caught.


Once dough has been taken out wipe the inside of bowl and hook with only a clean cloth and water. Remove and dough residue above the bowl with a clean cloth. Do not wash the area below the machine.

Wipe the panel with a damp cloth; do not use any harsh chemicals to clean the panel. Do not use nails or any hard objects to press the button. Washing the panel and switch with water will cause an electric shock.

Make sure the machine is on a stable surface, if machine shakes adjust the feet in order to stabilize the mixer. Bearings must be greased every three months a time.

Easy Trouble and Solution

If the machine won’t start up:

  • Check the power supply, and check if the cord is lose.
  • Check the fuse, if it is burnt, please replace it.
  • Make sure the emergency button isn’t pressed.

The machine can’t work normally, the belt will sometimes become flexible and will cause the belt to slip, if this is the case just adjust the belt.

  • Safety guard, dough hook, kneading bar, and bowl are made of stainless steel.
  • Solid and sturdy construction.
  • The ability to knead both small and large quantity of dough perfectly.
  • The mixer can run in three modes.
  • Manual: the timers are disabled.
  • Semi-automatic: allows the mixer to operate only in 1st speed or 2nd speed.
  • Automatic: the machine automatically switches from 1st to 2nd speed and stops once the set time has elapsed.
  • The direction of bowl rotation can be reversed to facilitate dough removal.
  • Front and rear casters allow for easy movement
  • Standard components: telemecanique, Italian timer.
  • Length of power cord is 8.5 ft (2.7 m)
  • Single motor 2 Speeds
  • 4/5 bag flour
  • Ship weight: 265 kg


Two years parts, one year labor exclusive of wear items (except model PSM-160). Note: Specifications subject to change without notice

Equipment Type Spiral Mixer
Brand Primo
Model PSM-40E
Flour Capacity 1-20 Kg (2.2-44 lbs)
Dough Capacity 1.6-32 Kg (3.5-71 lbs)
1st Speed 1.6 Kw (2.1 HP) 110 Rpm
2nd Speed 3.3 Kw (4.4 HP) 230 Rpm
Bowl Motor 0 HP, 23/11 Rpm
Voltage 208V/60/3 7.1 Amps
Width 36"
Height 48.5"
Depth 24"
Shipping Weight 550 lbs.
Intertek ETL Listed US & Canada Intertek ETL Listed US & Canada

The ETL Mark is proof of product compliance to North American and Canadian safety standards. Authorities Having Jurisdiction(AHJs) and code officials across the US and Canada accept the ETL Listed Mark as proof of product compliance to published industry standards. Retail buyers accept it on products they're sourcing. And every day, more and more consumers recognize it on products they purchase as a symbol of safety.

ETL Sanitation Listed Intertek ETL Sanitation Listed

The ETL Sanitation Mark indicates that the manufacturer's production site conforms to a range of compliance measures and is subject to a periodic regimen of follow-up inspections to verify continued conformance. An ETL Sanitation Mark on Food Service Equipment indicates that equipment is fit for use in the production of food intended for human consumption, or the equipment is fit for use in an environment where food intended for human consumption is produced.

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