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Jet-Tech X-33 Undercounter Dishwasher, Low Temp

Jet-Tech X-33 Undercounter Dishwasher, Low Temp

Model #X-33 By Jet-Tech
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The Jet-Tech X-33 Low-Temp Undercounter Dishwasher

Cleans your dishes and glassware. This model is excellent for small restaurants, fast food operations, institutions, nursing homes, etc.

Included with your X-33 dishwasher:

(1) 20 x 20 open rack

(1) 20 x 20 peg rack for dishes

(1) fill hose

(1) drain hose

(4) adjusting feet

(1) operator manual

Optional Accessories:

  • Pressure reducing valve (PRV) kit

Getting Started

Immediately upon receipt of your new X-33 dishwasher, remove the cardboard box and inspect the dishwasher for any obvious signs of damage. If you find any traces of damage, contact the transport company that delivered the dishwasher to your location. A damage claim must be made immediately with the carrier.



This dishwasher must be installed on a level, rigid, nonflammable surface (i.e.:ceramic tiles, concrete, sheet metal, etc). Ensure that the machine is level by installing the feet (shipped in the wash tank of the machine) and adjusting them. Be sure to provide adequate space for water, drain and electrical connections.


The dishwasher must be connected with 120 volts 60Hz line. The cord and plug on this unit must not be modified or tempered. Unit must be well grounded. Breaker rating should be 15 amps.



A 3/4" NPT coupling is required with a maximum of 30 p.s.i. dynamic pressure, and a minimum of 20 p.s.i. . A water pressure regulator is required. The water pressure should be 25 p.s.i. . Incoming water temperature must be 140º F (60º C). An easily accessible shut-off valve is recommended. Flexible hoses must be used to make installation, servicing and maintenance easier. Make sure that the water is free from calcium and hard water deposits. Water with a mineral content of 6 grains or higher must have an on-line water filtering system or another type of water softening system. Build-up of calcium and lime deposits in the washer may occur and servicing will be required on a more frequent basis which will not be covered by warranty.


The X-33 will pump the drain water manually or automatically. A 1"" ID flexible drain hose (included) is recommended to facilitate maintenance and servicing of the machine. It is important not to reduce the size of this hose. Secure the drain hose well as the drain water pressure is approximately 10 p.s.i..

Chemical hook-up

This unit is equipped with three (3) chemical pumps; located behind the bottom panel (below the door). Each will inject a different chemical product at a specific time during the wash and rinse cycle. The chemical pumps have sufficient length of tubing hose which can be inserted into gallon size containers, near the dishwasher. The lines can be passed through the center of the dishwasher out either side. The chemical pumps have colored tubing for ease of identification. The colors are as follow: Red for Detergent Clear for Sanitizer Blue for Rinse-additive To prime the pumps; push the toggle switch above each pump until the products have reached the sump.

Suggested chemical use and quantities.


Extra heavy-duty non-foaming commercial liquid dish detergent required. Adjust to .30% concentration.


Liquid chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite - 5.25% solution) adjusted to 50 PPM.


Low foam rinse-aid, surfactant isopropanol, adjusted for proper sheeting.

See local health code for appropriate quantities and usage. Contact your chemical representatives for calibration and supply.

WARNING Whenever manipulating chemicals, use appropriate protection (eyes and hands) as these chemicals are corrosive.

Installation Check List

Is the dishwasher connected electrically?

Is the breaker (in the electrical panel) switched on?

Is there water connected to the dishwasher?

Is the water valve opened?

Are the chemicals properly set?


Fill the dishwasher;

1) To begin, you need to turn the black swivel switch clockwise a quarter turn to the ON position.

2) Fill the wash tank with water by pressing the round black fill button (on the left side). Open the door to monitor the water level, push and hold the black fill button until the water has reached an inch above the bottom. This needs to be done only if the wash tank is empty. The dishwasher will refill itself automatically at every cycle.

Begin Loading:

3) Load a rack of cups and glasses and slide into the dishwasher. Close the door.

4) Press the cycle button (black round button on the right) to start the wash cycle.

a. The wash and rinse cycle takes 90 seconds. The dishwasher will automatically pump in the proper amount of detergent, rinse-aid and sanitizer.

5) Once the cycle is done, the indicator light will switch Off.

Drain the unit:

At the end of the day, or if the water needs to be emptied, you can drain the dishwasher by pressing and holding the white button. You need to hold for several seconds (about 30 seconds).

Note: Do not run the dishwasher without any water.

Make sure the power switch is turned off at night.


This dishwasher requires daily maintenance. The most important part is to keep the interior clean. In the sump area, you will find a round screen. This round screen can be removed easily and must be cleaned at least once a day.

Chemical containers should be checked daily for quantity. If they are low on product, replace them.

Depending on the water quality, the dishwasher should have a descaling treatment on a weekly basis. To do a descaling treatment, put a cup (250ml) of descaling solution in the dishwasher once it is filled with water. Run the dishwasher twice.

The spray jets should be inspected for obstruction once a month. If blocked, the upper jets can be unscrewed and cleaned under running water. The rotating spray arm can be removed by unscrewing the center knob.

The bottom panel below the door, should be opened and the chemical pumps checked for leaks also once a month.

Trouble Shooting

Power is turned on but nothing happens!

Verify the circuit breaker in the building's electrical box. If the unit was installed with a cord and plug, verify that the plug is well placed in the receptacle.

The power is on but the unit will not fill!

Verify that the incoming water shut off valve is opened.

The power is on, the unit is filled with water but it wont start!

Verify that the door is properly closed.

The Unit is not cleaning!

Verify the filter inside the wash tank area, it must be cleaned daily. Verify that all chemical bottles are filled and there is no air gap in the chemical tubes. If there is an air gap in the tube, the chemical pump should be primed.

The temperature is too low (below 120F)!

Verify your hot water supply. The hot water tank may be defective and can not supply hot water to the dishwasher.

The water is overflowing out by the door!

Verify that the drain hose is not kinked.

If you have tried the recommended action above and the problem remains, call for service.

If the following conditions happen, call for service.

The wash cycle is too long (more than 90 seconds).

The unit is not rinsing the glasses.

The unit will not shut off.

IMPORTANT NOTES Locate and clearly identify the water shut-off valve that supplies the dishwasher and the fuse box or breaker switches.

Only qualified and/or licensed technicians can repair this piece of equipment. Removing panels will expose wires and live current. The breaker switch should be switched off or fuses removed before removing the panels. The water supply must also be turned off.

  • Capacity: 40 racks per hour
  • Sanitary labyrinth door elimates need for gasket
  • Stainless steel wash and rinse arms
  • Built-in rinse-additive and detergent pump for sparkling results
  • Fully automatic washing and rinsing operation with integrated chemical injection system
  • Wash tank heater to keep water warmer longer
  • Sanitary labyrinth door eliminates any gasket
  • Deep drawn one piece unified inner chamber
  • Rinse-additive pump for sparkling results
  • Detergent pump for consistent results
  • Chemical sanitizing pump
  • Just the push of one button fills the wash tank
  • New and improved wash arm design
  • Highest quality fabrication using the most advanced machinery will ensure long-life and increased durability
  • Slide out control panel for ease of service and maintenance
  • Stainless steel pump impeller provides greater durability
  • Standard insulated top and side panels
  • Stainless steel upper and lower wash/rinse arms are interchangeable and easily removed for cleaning
  • Body, external housing and all chasis components in brushed stainless steel AISI 304
  • Door safety switch
  • Adjustable peristaltic pumps for detergent, rinse and sanitizer
  • Door opening of 15"
  • Reliable mechanical type cam timer
  • Detergent/chemical connections
  • Delime switch
  • Cycle counter
  • Automatic drain vavle mechanisme assists to drain water up to a height of 36"

1 year parts and labor.

Equipment type Dishwashers
Brand Jet-Tech
Rack capacity 37 racks per hour
Complete operating cycle 90 seconds
Water consumption 1.0 U.S. gallons
Motor-pump 0.75 H.P
Electrical 115/60/1
Amperage 13.0 Amps / cord and plug included
Water supply 1/2" hot water supply 140°F (60°C)
Flow Pressure 25 PSI (dynamic) (PRV may be required)
Water inlet connection 3/4“ male hose connector (hose included)
Drain connection 1" ID (25.4 mm) Max. height 36" (915 mm) (hose included)
Width 23.75"
Height 33.5"
Depth 23.75"
Shipping Weight 178 lbs.

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