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Jet-Tech EV22 High-Temp Door Type Dishwasher

Jet-Tech EV22 High-Temp Door Type Dishwasher

Model #EV22 By Jet-Tech
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Standard equipment includes :

  • One open combination rack
  • One peg dish rack 19.75" x 19.75" (500 mm x 500 mm)


1 year parts and labor.

Water Connection

Shut-off valve must be a single direction, spool, sphere, lid control type, which can shut water supply off quickly and totally. The water pressure and flow must conform to the data diagram supplied with each machine.

Water Supply Pressure

Check that dynamic water supply pressure, measured between the appliance and the main, is between 200 and 400kPa. If the pressure is too high, fit a suitable pressure reducer on the inlet pipe. If the pressure is low, install an additional external pressure motor pump.

If there is a high concentration of mineral residues in the water or high conductivity, we recommend installing the demineralization filter for 5/7° f.

Models Gravity Drainage

The drainage line must comprise of a sump pit, free flow, of proper size capable to dispose twice the water flow indicated on the data diagram. It must be close to the drain pipe of the machine without bending, stretching or jointing the pipe.

Models With Drain Pump

Position the outlet pipe at a height anywhere between 30" and 40" from the floor.

Electrical Connection

All contacts must be mechanically open, ground line included, min. distance between contacts 3 mm, with magnetic overload or fuses, calibrated for a max, sustained current in agreement with machine date plate. It must be installed outside the machine but close to it. It must feed only one machine at time. Machine cannot be connected to mains using adapters, plug, cables or cable extensions not properly sized and adequate to the machine’s power requirements.

WARNING: The manufacturer is not responsible for damages or injuries caused for improper grounding. The ground and the electrical connections should be in compliance with national regulations.

Grounding point on machine must be connected to nearest appliance terminal according to Safety Standards.

Warning Messages Displayed on the Control Panel

If the machine is in OFF mode, warning messages are not displayed. Turn ON the machine to visualize the type of warning message on the appliance.

Detergent and Rinse Aid Dispensers and Settings

This machine must be operated with an automatic detergent feeder and, if applicable, an automatic chemical sanitizer feeder, including a visual means to verify that detergents and sanitizers are delivered or a visual or audible alarm to signal if detergents and sanitizers are not available for delivery to the respective washing and sanitizing systems. Please see instructions for electrical and plumbing connections located in this manual and in the feeder equipment manual.

The level in the detergent or rinse aid tank must not get empty or filled with corrosive or inadequate products. The warranty does not cover damages caused by improper use of dispenser. The dispenser is calibrated at manufacturer site: dispenser settings after installation must be performed by a qualified technician.


Descale the boiler, the internal surface of the tank and the appliance water piping once or twice a year.

Descale the rinse and wash jets every month using vinegar or a descaling agent.

The internal hose of the rinse aid and detergent peristaltic dispenser should undergo periodic maintenance (once or twice a year).

Clean solenoid valve filter by removing it from the inside of the valve and unplugging the water inlet tube.

Uninstall (Long period of Inactivity)

Machine can be taken out of operation only by trained technicians authorized for the purposes

Note: Please see Owner's Manual.

  • Body, external housing, wash tank and all chassis component in brushed stainless steel - type AISI 304 16 gauge
  • Upper and lower wash and rinse jets on revolving arms constructed of reinforced fiberglass; easy to remove and clean without the need for tools
  • Adjustable bullet-style feet
  • Safety two-way automatic micro-switch on the door controlling the operation of the wash motor-pumps
  • Independently-operated heating elements alternating between booster and wash tank
  • Alternating heating resistors reducing maximum absorption thereby reducing energy costs
  • Door opening with overall clearance of 16.75 in. (425 mm) with ergonomic door handle
  • New dFilter system®
  • Automatic fill and water level regulation of the wash tank
  • Wash pumps protected with double scrap filters easy to remove for quick cleaning and proper maintenance
  • Machine can be installed either as an in-line or corner application with simple field modification
  • Front mounted control panel with digital temperature displays
Equipment type Dishwashers
Brand Jet-Tech
Rack capacity 19.75" x 19.75" (500 mm x 500 mm)
Total cycle Two cycles (2-3 Min) Rinse (12-15 Sec)
Hourly production up to 30 racks/hr
Wash tank capacity 5.25 U.S. gallons (21 Liters)
Booster capacity 2.62 U.S. gallons (10 Litres)
Wash temperature 150°F (65°C) minimum / controlled electronically
Final rinse temperature 185°F - 194°F (85°C - 90°C) minimum / controlled electronically
Incoming water temperature Minimum 122°F (50°C)
Water consumption per cycle @ 30 psi 0.85 U.S. Gallons (2.7 Liters)
Washing pump power 1 H.P.
Power supply 208-240V/60Hz (Single phase)
Tank heating element 4.0 KW
Booster heating element 4.0 KW
Maximum power rating 4.8 KW - 19.8 to 22.8A
Width 29.41"
Height 76.85"
Depth 33.74"
Weight 308 lbs.
>CE Certified CE Certified

The CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

ETL Sanitation Listed Intertek ETL Sanitation Listed

The ETL Sanitation Mark indicates that the manufacturer's production site conforms to a range of compliance measures and is subject to a periodic regimen of follow-up inspections to verify continued conformance. An ETL Sanitation Mark on Food Service Equipment indicates that equipment is fit for use in the production of food intended for human consumption, or the equipment is fit for use in an environment where food intended for human consumption is produced.

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